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The diction of Portuguese in singing is often seen as a challenge. As a result, the repertoire is still unknown to the public. One of the main reasons for this is the language. Brazilian Portuguese (BP) is considered to be a very melodic language, but some of the BP sounds can be difficult to produce, especially for foreigners. One of my main goals is to change this idea about BP and make it more accessible for those who want to sing in it. I dedicated my research to gather useful information and create a manual to help those interested in exploring the repertoire, making the language more accessible. This manual provides the basis for understanding the sounds of the language,  pronunciation rules, guidance on how to produce the sounds using IPA for phonetic transcriptions, a brief comparison between European and Brazilian Portuguese, as well as a list of the main pitfalls. My research aims to guide the audience step by step, incorporating the sounds that make someone sound like a native and for singers to master the diction and have the necessary tools to sing and connect with their audience. I believe that my research will help everyone, especially those with basic knowledge of IPA.

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