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“By learning, you will teach; by teaching, you will learn.”
-Latin Proverb

"My teaching is founded on the principles of mindfulness and inclusion. With over twenty years of experience teaching voice lessons in both school and private studio settings, and over twenty-three years of performance experience, my mission as a teacher is to meet my students' needs.

 My approach to teaching vocal technique works nicely for all singing styles and with all levels of skills. I am committed to creating an inclusive teaching environment where young people from various personal experiences, values, and world views can thrive. My life experiences reminded me daily how these factors play a significant role in one's life and inspire my teaching and mentorship approach."


Cantor de ópera

I started my lessons with Juliana Franco in 2014 while pursuing my bachelor's degree in Voice Performance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. After that, we continued our studies with private lessons. Now, I am pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Lisbon and I am honored to be under her advisory, as she is the co-advisor for my doctoral thesis. I am still taking voice lessons from her  - I am her "eternal "singing student. Thank you,  Juliana, for your musical versatility, for sharing your knowledge and methodologies always applied to my needs, and for being so human and understanding my voice like no one! May more years of coexistence and shared knowledge come!

To those who really want to learn more about voice, improve or start their singing studies, I highly recommend this brilliant singer, voice actress, performer, teacher, and friend!

Aline Toledo

student in bachelor's degree in singing at UFRJ in 2014; private student and doctoral student at the University of Lisbon

Ópera de barcelona

The experience I had in my singing lessons with Juliana Franco was incredible and decisive for my musical experience in life. I learned how to breathe correctly, put my voice in the right placement and understand how far I could go, and have total awareness and control of my voice. I appreciate every lesson and every learning experience I had!

Juliana Piva

private student

Violino e partituras

Juliana was my  voice teacher for a short time at UFRJ. But that time was precious to me! Always very sweet and kind, with her, I learned techniques that I use today and that I always pass on to my students! I miss our lessons! 

Louise Monnerat

student at UFRJ

Piano on Stage

I met Juliana Franco at UFRJ, when I had the opportunity to be her Canto B student, a wonderful and enriching experience for me. In addition to being very attentive, Juliana is an exemplary teacher, very dedicated to all students and, with all her sensitivity, she manages to get the best out of each one. She is an exceptional singer, with a beautiful voice, that marks our generation. A woman ahead of her time, who has the gift of transforming those around her and with her talent and gift, deeply touches our soul!

Leandro Simões

student at UFRJ

Bachelor in Piano


"I was Dr. Juliana Franco's voice student in 2013 at the UFRJ. In 2011,  due to the emotional shock of my father's passing, I suffered from a serious voice dysphonia. After an absence of 3 semesters and a slow vocal recovery, but still serious technical problems, I had the privilege to resume my studies at the university and have her as a teacher, who without any hesitancy started a process of recovering my voice through daily technical exercises, with dedication and effective results, exceeding my expectations. I can say that in addition to her patience, kindness, dedication, and love for the art of singing, the main factor for this was his methodological capacity. With these virtues, even when I didn't believe myself, she proved that a teacher who believes in the student's ability and puts himself in his or her place plays the main role of an enabler, a bridge, between difficulties that arise along the way and the student's dreams and objectives to be achieved. I, Marilda Sant'Anna, am a proud bachelor in Voice Performance from the UFRJ. My sincere gratitude to this teacher and friend, Juliana Franco, who contributed to my overcoming obstacles, and was a foundation for my professional career. Thank you!"


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